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Providing fast, safe, reliable wireline services in the Permian

One wireline or pumpdown mistake can cost an operator days and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Permian Basin. At Silvertip Completion Services, we focus exclusively on providing wireline and pumpdown solutions in the Permian—and translating that attention into the safest, fastest, most error-free completion services possible.


Proven Processes.
State-of-the-Art Equipment.

Silvertip believes the Permian needs an extraordinarily focused wireline company to work with operators as a true partner—not just now, but through the cycle.

As operators in this basin enter high-volume “manufacturing mode,” we understand you don’t have the time or patience for misruns, slow services, or equipment delays. Silvertip launched in 2017 with new, standardized equipment to provide operators with efficient, error-free wireline and pumpdown services including logging, perforating, and pressure control.

Based on 40+ years of combined experience, we have built a skilled team with proven wireline and pumpdown processes to maximize speed and performance without sacrificing safety. We have established a preventative maintenance program for our purpose-built fleet to minimize any disruption to our service delivery.


Wireline Logging Services

  • Gamma Ray
  • Radial Bond Logs
  • Temperature

Pumpdown Perforating Services

  • Mechanical Switches
  • Addressable Switches
  • Explosive Release Tool

Wireline Pressure Control Equipment & Cranes

  • 10K PSI Grease Injection Units
  • 10K PSI Iron
  • 40 Ton Cranes

Wellbore Modeling

  • Cerberus Friction and Pump Rate Modeling

2500HP Quintuplex Pumps

  • Wireline Pumpdown
  • Pressure Testing

Streamlined Design.
Superior Performance.

Silvertip provides wireline-conveyed perforating services using our SilverShot™ gun system, engineered to deliver dependable performance stage after stage. Developed in partnership with a leading gun manufacturer and deployed by our expert team, SilverShot helps you complete more stages per day and maximize ultimate recoveries.

Improve operational efficiency – SilverShot’s streamlined design allows our crews to rapidly assemble each gun string between stages, saving time on location.

Minimize misruns and nonproductive time – SilverShot is one of the simplest gun systems in the industry, engineered to eliminate common failure points.

Get the gun design you need—fast – We provide gun systems for all casing sizes and orientations. Need a custom design? Our manufacturing partner can build it quickly, preventing project delays.

Achieve sustainability goals – With its hybrid design, every part of the SilverShot gun string is reused or recycled following completion operations.

What Gun Design Do You Need?

Contact us to discuss customizing the SilverShot system for your next perforating project.


One Geographic Area.
One Area of Expertise.

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At Silvertip, we focus on one service—wireline and pumpdown—and one region, the Permian. Every process, person, and piece of equipment is aligned for no other purpose than to provide the absolute best completion services available in the Permian.


As a Midland-based company, our customers and partners are also our friends and neighbors. We want them to feel they’re working with people they know and can trust.


Silvertip was born out of Permian operators’ need for a long-term completion partner. A partnership model and culture of service have been woven into our DNA from the start.


Silvertip is built on a foundation of decades of experience providing wireline services to leading Permian operators. We know what our customer-partners need and demand.


Silvertip built a ground-up business model centered on shared rewards and a culture of service to attract and retain the most talented team possible.

focus location texas

Supporting Our Partners’ Sustainability Goals

At Silvertip, we understand our customer-partners are constantly seeking new ways to improve their environmental performance. We are proud to support those efforts and committed to helping to protect our shared environment. Silvertip can help operators achieve their sustainability goals in a variety of ways, both downhole and at the surface.

Recycling & Reuse

Every part of our SilverShot perforating gun system is reused or recycled following completion operations.

Greaseless Wireline

Silvertip exclusively uses greaseless wireline for a cleaner, safer wellsite and improved efficiencies in extended horizontals.

Fleet Electrification

Silvertip has begun the process of electrifying our rolling fleet, and we can provide fully electric wireline trucks.

Dual-Fuel Equipment

Silvertip can provide both dual-fuel wireline trucks and pumpdown units to reduce emissions at the wellsite.


Unique Structure.
Rewarding Careers.

Silvertip is a self-governing organization focused on service to others. Our unique corporate structure reflects that philosophy.

A typical oilfield services company has a pyramid structure, with employees focused on their supervisors and—ultimately—keeping the boss happy.

At Silvertip, our management team is comprised of servant leaders dedicated to developing and equipping individuals to meet their fullest potential. In the spirit of self-governance and service to others, everyone at Silvertip is expected to put the team and the customer ahead of themselves.

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SilvertipCompletion Services
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Interested in joining our team?

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Office: 9816 W County Rd 146
Midland, TX 79706
Phone: 432.701.9020


Office: 9816 W County Rd 146
Midland, TX 79706
Phone: 432.701.9020